Player statistics

GROUP 6 | Diplomacy

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namewinsgames playedtotal scoreavg scoreavg timemost wins as
SLO - 101163025086 min
taylor swift8248183470 minRU (3)
USSR092432768 min
MR1103153181 min
IDF D99229124181 minRU (4)
zTangy272433490 min
Hitler283824766 min
FoxHound293774194 min
Overlord53111933889 minAF (2)
Jetflyerdeb72711374273 minRU (2)
Der Fuhrer Richtofen181902380 min
Lord Haw Haw162213671 min
Skynet0103903980 min
That'MuricanGuy0174562672 min
Falco262273773 minEU (2)
Online Security41052252103 minSA (2)
Hugh174596528 min
Chimpmanzee464297128 min
hoov4205932967 minAS (2)
Wells2925027106 min
Nuclear Duck393163576 minRU (2)